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What we offer in web design

Information Gathering

We begin by gathering some information from you. You will need to fill out our digital design brief, as it will give us more information about your business, so that we can provide the best product for you.


 We will research your current Internet presence, and multiple competitive sites before presenting you with a mood board and site map. A site map is a visual representation of the site content. WMM can provide assistance to fine-tune content with skilled copywriters. Please note: we need your content before we can proceed to the next step. If your content is not provided within 3 weeks your project will be pushed back until all content is received.


Next WMM will wire-frame and design element mock-ups based on the site map, mood boards and content. These items require approval.


In the development phase WMM will install and build the framework as well as code, develop and test all special features. WMM will use all provided content to complete the framework. Then WMM will
build and test all forms if applicable. Finally WMM will use the most current Search Engine Optimization strategies to enhance the websites search engine results.

Beta Testing & Launch

The developed project will undergo testing on the most current versions of browsers and devices. Testing will reveal any issues and provide the opportunity to correct them. Upon receiving final approval WMM will launch the project.


Once the project has been launched, WMM will provide training as necessary. WMM is able to also provide weekly checks to ensure proper functionality. Launching a site with a 3 month Google Ads campaign is highly recommended.