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Graphic Design

Our Graphic Design Services include a full array of design. WWM’s portfolio includes wind signs, brochures, flyers, Every Door Direct Mail, car wash menus, outdoor signage, coupons and much more. Whatever design you can imagine for your car wash we can make it happen!

graphic design examples

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A brochure can include specials, location details, pricing etc. It provides a way to get your customer easy and compact information to promote your car wash.


Flyers are a quick and easy way to spread your message. They are a great way to inform car wash customers about your products and services as well as locations, or specials. 


A business card is one of the first steps to establishing a brand as it gives your customers a way to contact you.


Every Door Direct Media is a great way to let your potential customer know about your car wash. If you are running specials, or you just opened a new wash WMM can help you design and send out this type of advertising.

arm + outdoor signs

Signage around your wash is a big deal! It gives your wash a professional look, and can guide your customers though the wash as well. WMM can design a variety of outdoor signage.


Signage at you car wash is really important. These wind signs can let your customers know about any specials that you may have or any features that may set you apart from your competitors.


Menu boards let you customers know what services you offer. Every car wash should have menu boards to let customers know how much your washes cost.